Chamber of Commerce to Host Candidate Forum

The Government Relations Committee of the Chamber of Commerce serving Lexington, Buena Vista and Rockbridge County will host a Candidate Forum prior to the November election.  The forum will be led by a moderator, who will pose predetermined questions to the candidates.

All are invited to the Hampton Inn Col Alto on Wednesday, October 24, 2018. The event will begin at 6:00 p.m. Candidates for the offices of Glasgow Town Council, Buena Vista City Council, Lexington City Council, and Virginia’s 6th District Congressional Race have all been invited to participate.

The following questions have been provided to the candidates in writing and will be answered at the forum:

Town of Glasgow – Town Council

  1. How can Glasgow, driven by Town Council and its cooperative partnerships with neighboring jurisdictions, help address the need for a reliable and trained workforce in our area?
  1. What is your vision for Glasgow today, and has it changed since you decided to run for Town Council?  What would you most like to accomplish during your term if elected?


City of Buena Vista – City Council

  1. How can Buena Vista best capitalize on the record growth at SVU and what incentives can City Council introduce to inspire economic vitality?
  1. What are the biggest challenges to the revitalization of downtown Buena Vista?


City of Lexington – City Council

  1. With regard to the Lexington-Rockbridge revenue-sharing agreement, Lexington has no land available for economic activity. How would you support Rockbridge County’s economic development efforts, to ensure economic vitality for our community?
  1. The City of Lexington recently completed a public survey as part of the Comprehensive Plan update. The overwhelming response to a question regarding planning the future for Lexington was to “Encourage Economic Development.” What are your plans for economic development?


Virginia’s 6th District Congressional Race

  1. Most if not all would agree Interstate 81, now operating at 50% above capacity, is due for substantial upgrades. In specific terms, how do you propose to fund the improvements?
  1. What economic development programs do you support for the 6th district?  As a fresh, new, member of Congress, how do you plan to implement those programs?


Audience members will have an opportunity to submit written questions upon arrival. These questions will be provided to the moderator. If time permits, the moderator may pose some audience questions to the candidates. The audience will not be allowed to interact directly with the candidates during the question-and-answer session, but there will be opportunities to speak with the candidates before and after the Q&A.

For more information about the chamber of commerce or the upcoming forum, visit us at or call (540) 463-5375.